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Steamed Sponge Pudding

Doris send to me this recipie from London, hope you enjoy it.

100 g butter/margarine
100g caster sugar
2 eggs
160g plain flour
10g baking powder (2 level teaspoons) sieved well with flour
40g milk
lemon zest
vanilla, salt

Cream the margarine and sugar, and add the lemon rind
Gradually add the beaten egg. If the mixture splits add some heat with the blow torch, or put a little bit of flour as the starch will help to keep the mixture without splitting.
Add the flour and vanilla essence. Lastly add the milk to bring the mixture to a dropping consistency.
Fill ¾ of the greased and floured moulds, cover them with foil and steam for about ½ hour. They can be steamed in the steamer or on a Bain Marie, covering very well with foil so the steam does not escape.
De-mould the puddings when they are hot and serve them with sabayon, or vanilla ice cream, or custard, and the fruit compote.

Apple and Strawberry Compote
Peel and cut the apples in wedges.
Coat the apples in “mycro” (cocoa butter).
Make a direct caramel and add the apples. Remove them when cooked.
Put some of the sabayon mixed with whipped cream on top of the apple and strawberry compote and put it under the salamander until golden brown to finish off the fruit gratin.

3 yolks (pasteurised)
60g sugar
100ml marsala/white wine and lemon juice mixed
Dash of lemon juice to season.

Whisk over water bath until pale and thick, and then add the liquid (marsala or wine) little by little.

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