viernes, 9 de enero de 2009

How to Make a Sandwich

1. Pick your favorite type of bread. White, wheat, wholegrain, rye. Or it can be a roll, or pita bread. You can also toast your bread.

2. Choose a spread that will make the bread stick together. Margarine, mayonnaise or avocado are always good choices. Combine the spreads for a different and delicious taste.

3.Decide on the filling. Jam, peanut butter, ham, cheese, various other meats, lettuce, tomato, pickles, bacon bits, onions, turkey, beef, chicken -- you've got a lot of choices. What you put on a sandwich is really up to your imagination and preferences. Just remember to put together things you enjoy eating because you have to eat it.

4. When you have finished putting together the foods you like to eat, slice the sandwich for easier handling.

5. Add a cup of soup, pickle, fruit juice, milk or a drink of your choice to go with it for a complete and healthy meal. Keep in mind that sandwiches can be served at any time but are best during lunch.

Alternate Method

1. Lay the bread on the preparing surface.
2. Take out the sliced meat, making sure to get as much of the liquid off as possible.
3. Put the meat on the sandwich until the desired thickness is reached.
4. Put it in the microwave for forty (40) seconds, flipping it once every ten (10) seconds. Take it out of the microwave as soon as it's done.
5. Pull a piece of bread off the top, then add on things like chips, dressing, etc. Try not to add cheese, as it doesn't go good with this recipe. Black Pepper flavored chips go great.
6. Put the bread back on top.
7. (Optional) Press on it until the chips are crunched into the bread so they don't fall off as easily.
8. Serve and enjoy.

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